For all those who knew my boyfriend Scott…

To all my fans, friends and followers out there;


I’m sad, lost and my hart is in a thousand peaces over the recent loss of my boyfriend Scott B (a.k.a. Sewperman). I’ll take some time for my self and will not be so much on the multimedia.

The Celebration of Life for Scott B will be held on Friday from 7 to 9 at The Ritz Bar & Lounge, second floor. 369 W 46th St #2, New York, NY. (212) 333-4177. It will not be necessary to bring refreshments. Hope you can come!

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Update: The Real Peto Please Stand Up

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Hello everyone following me…

I just want to write you all that in the last couple of months was though for me. Traveling from Mexico City to San Fransisco back to NYC, then it was off to Paris to film for Eric videos (together with Scott Sewperman –, Scott & I then hopped train to Amsterdam for a few days in visit friends from my home country, then onward to Berlin to start filming the first scene for our upcoming porn label, & then finally returning to NYC.

After weeks on the road I’ve finally unpacked my bags in NYC to continue filming, the photo-shoots, the interviews, etc, all for the purposes of finishing preparations for the launch of our Porn company & website. (BTW we are and will constantly be searching for HOT, HUNG, BB porn actors to cast in our films – GOOD LOOKING BOTTOMS (& Tops) PLEASE SEND your pics & stats to

So i’ve been working on the multi-media/social media online platforms (my facebook fan page, my twitter page, and so on) and have found numerous fakers & imposters using my likeness & pretending to be me (including hacking and using my old accounts).  While I’m flattered that people want to pose as me, some of these fake profiles have crossed the line and have been using my name in a negative way, disseminating lies & false information.  For example some of these imposters are telling the public they are my ex BF or brother, additionally saying I’m going to DIE soon, retire from Porn, that my health is in question, that i’m collecting illnesses in order to receive government health benefits, to name a few.  ALL THESE STATEMENTS ARE 100% COMPLETELY FALSE & FABRICATED. LET IT BE KNOWN I AM HEALTHY, HORNY & TAKING PORN TO THE NEXT LEVEL.

So, If you are unsure whether a profile is really me – please contact me at & ask.

Don’t be a stranger, write me so you can be sure you are speaking with the real deal… be it smartphone cruising app or other online profiles & applications.

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Dark Alley filmshoot in San Fransisco (video)

Check out this video I shoot just after filming with Nick Moretti In San Francisco. Nick is the director, cameraman and editor of this shoot! Its the 3rd time I work with him. He makes filming very interesting and I love working with him, because of that.

Blue Bailey is my colleague for the shoot. Had a really good time with him and I bang him so hard that the metal chair I was fucking him on was falling apart. But he handle it really good! Very impressed of him.. We will meet again soon Mr. Blue…

Stay tuned for more videos in the future.  I’m currently getting ready to launch my productions studio with Scott Sewperman. His personal website is:

Cheers Peto Coast

motel photoshoot

motel photoshoot

Photoshoot i did last December…..was not even sure if I ever going to see these. Thank you so much Doug Campbell Photography they are really natural and me. Had a great time with you. are we going to do this soon again…

Cheers Peto

In Miami


This morning I woke up, still a bit tired after a busy night and driving before from Tampa to Miami Beach. So a big breakfast is doing good to me.
At that moment I realize that I’m much better handling the traveling, than I thought I would be. Of course I have my own little apartment. But I’m not much there now. That is a good thing! I’m meeting new people and new opportunities, along my journey across the states.
I’m now getting a tan in Miami beach and work on my new concept for this year! And my new look is helping me a lot!
Thank you all my blog followers and fans out there to support me and get inspired to get this far. Without you all, I could not get this far!

But now I go out and “play” with the boys in Miami. Can take my eyes of those bubble ass.

For now Cheers and write you soon again!

Peto Coast