She is not a

Hello bloggers,

Just seen on my twitter, this link! Wow!

They really want to marry me! And the way he describes me is really nice! Can not do a better jon discribing my porn! Maybe I’ll have to meet him for a interview!?

I Quote; ” he happens to be EXACTLY my type…taller than me, scruffy, muscular (but not too huge), kinky, darker-featured and prone to baseball caps.  He also has a quality that’s SO rare in the tops-who-fuck-bottoms-like-sex-toys genre…he REALLY seems to GENUINELY enjoy watching them struggle.”

But marriage is not my style! I’m not the marrying type! Sorry guys…..!

But that means that I will focus on making more movies and could share with you all! Now that I start making my own Porn , it wouldn’t be fair to my fan’s and followers to get married!

See here the Blog I am talking about :

She is not a whore!!!

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