1. Domingo

    😦 are you read the fans’s notes on your blog? You don´t reply, I feel disappointed with you, Peto Coast. Please, devote us some time to yours fans, like some words or some gratitudes.
    I’m going to threatening you with a strike if you don´t reply the fans’s notes.
    do you know “15M Spanish Revolution”?… the same with Peto Coast.

  2. petocoastxxx

    Very direct facts! And must say your right! I’m always see the comments and read them and try to respond to some of them! I wrote before that I lost track of writing and try to keep up to the blog!

    Somewhere next week ill will start my http://www.petocoastxxx.com! but work now on the small details to make it running!

    Again a big “sorry” to my fans!!


  3. Rafael

    Well, I miss a “hello” from you too, If you have time, it will make me happy. I am a big fan yours and access yout blog everyday:)
    I spent only a half day in Amsterdam last May because a connection flight from Madrid to São Paulo. I could walk a little as well appreciate your lovely city. Hope to go back one day. Rafa.

  4. mikael

    Yes I agreed with Domingo.We are truly your hard fans.Other than blogging try to take some time to reply the message or even say Hello! It will be enough.But recently you have replied to my messages.Thanks a lot.I will definitely happy and felt great.
    It’s always summer here in South East Asia.


    Mikael Love Peto!

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