Paris was nice!

Hello bloggers,

Weather is sad an gray today! And do not feel like going out today! So after my work i just crash down on the sofa and work on my computer.

Just was looking between my photo’s of Paris  and found some nice pix! And came across the round, small, unpractical table, with the question;  “Are the tables in Paris always to small or….am i to big”?

You tell me….!

But Paris will always be a nice place to be!


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  1. Rafael

    I enjoyed your photos… they are very nice. Regarding your table, I would say YOU are to big:) That reminds me it is a good idea to watch a film yours now:) Any suggestion? Rafa..

  2. mikael

    If I were there with cold weather,I will do the same things as yours.For me,your pixs are awesome and adorable + if you featured in the pix it will be more sexy and cute!
    Can’t wait for the website and films of yours!

    Yes I think you’re big man with big dreams!


    Mikael Loves Peto!

  3. soumicuir

    Paris a nice city ..for a nice man. with hot nights for a so hot guy.. You’ll always welcome in Paris. (And maybe i hope to meet you one day i’m leaving near Le Louvre 😉

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