Morning in Leidserijn, Utrecht on thursday 24th November 2011

Morning walk to the shopping center! See how cold Netherlands is at the moment!

And i shaved my face! Sorry guys! But need to do that some times!



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  1. mikael

    OMG..You shaved your beard.
    You’re more sexier of the beard is there!
    But you are always great and cute to me no matter what you did!


    Mikael Loves Peto!

  2. Domingo

    Nice pics! I like this kinds of plants, the bulbs.
    You are so diferent with out your beard, but you are nice look as well, you look younger. Are you think leave just moustache? Can be sexy.
    Today sunny day in Spain, strange but nice.
    Thanks for share your pics with us.

  3. Rafael

    Very nice photos, Peto. You a great protographer!
    I confess that I love beard guys, especially you:) But I also confess you are very handsome, cute and sexy shaved.
    Thanks for the photos. Rafa.

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