I am with my hard bon in hand any hot but hole around???

Today I am horny the whole day I have a big package in my pants I had quick blow job in a public place but was not enough I need a hot but hole to stick in and hear the hole screaming to fuck more & very hard, I really enjoy their pleasure pain, what is going on with the bottoms I use to have more sex, I am not getting messages from guys around want be seed or who want to drink my cum.




  1. Scott Hargrove

    Peto, u are the most sexiest guy in the world. Hope I can meet u one day !!! What u want 4 Christmas? XOXO

  2. Rafael

    I usually wonder how a porn star can be so hot and sexy like you, Peto. You are the best one and you always let me very horny, even when I see one picture yours. Rafa.

  3. domingoperezartista

    No thanks, no bareback. Save your lifes guys.

    In the movies is fine because it is fantasy and through analysis, but in real life better with a condom. Peto is a very bad influence on writing this. I hope these words just want to create a fantasy. Peto, you could advise people to use condoms?

  4. mikael

    Couldn’t agree more what Domingo has been written.Now you become famous and everybody seems to like you.I also would like to suggest that you will encouraging gays to use condoms.

    I always horny when I saw your pics.You’re really hot and sexy porn star.I would love to having sex with you.Just let me know or contact me if you need me!


    Mikael Loves Peto

  5. Littleblackrose

    I absolutely would love to be topped really hard by you, maybe together with Darko, as you two guys make a magical combination. I have tight but hungry hole and like to be dominated.

    But as mentioned before, I’m not really into the bareback thing 😦

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