1. Leo

    Hey Man just to tell u that u just got one more fan…me…
    I ve followed u by internet and watched some of ur movies well as everyone probably tell u, you´re amazing.
    Well i´m from Sao Paulo, Brazil and i saw on the net that u were already in here, and it´s a pity we couldn´t hook up, well i hope we have this chance yet…
    Tomorrow is my 30 years birthday and it would be nice listening from u.
    Ps. my husband is also a grand fan of u.
    we hope u back to SP soon and this time we could really give u a hand in here.

  2. domingoperezartista

    Hey dude, just one question. Are not you tired of everyone telling you “you’re handsome” and “we are in love with you”…? or simply acquired other connotations for you? Do not like that people could emphasize other qualities yours?
    You know, I’d like an answer yours about this because I have that curiosity. I would be very grateful.
    Buenas noches.

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