1. domingoperezartista

    Hello Peto bloggers, today I have a question for you.

    Do not you feel more attached to Peto each passing day by visiting his blog regularly and get into your privacy?
    Do not feel something like love? … and not only do you feel frustrated to be just a spectator (Peto rarely interacts)?

    And this is a question for Peto: do you want from us? you like being watched, that clear, but you really are as generous as it seems or is there more matter? is a marketing strategy? really you have your fans in mind or you use our feelings to sell?


    • Rafael

      Hello Domingo! Nice question. Yes I feel more attached to Peto day by day, especially because he has been shared his privacy amd that it is natural I feel closer him, however I feelonly a huge attraction for him and love to watch his movies. Of course, that is not love, only a fan having fun with an idol.
      On the other hand, sometimes I am frustrated he doesn’t respond me neither send me a hello or a thank, but I imagine it is difficult for him to respond to all his fans.
      How about you?

      • domingoperezartista

        Ok, is well expressed what you mean.

        But I am something more suspicious. I’m not clear if Peto wants to share pieces of their lives with us like others Internet phenomenom or just want to engage people to create a certain “addiction” and so sell their products better.

        Being somewhat more twisted, I wonder if Peto likes to have in real life “slaves” as in his films, do you know? (Look at me, wish me, sometimes I give you a “sexy-snack”, but if you really want to interact with you has to be through my merchandaising…) That’s fine, but I want to know the identity of this blog, only to choose freely. I do not want to feel cheated.

      • petocoastxxx

        This is my personal blog Domingo, I am posting my personal things and about my future projects the same you have in your blog what I see sometimes by the way.What you see in my blog it is what I am and what is going on in my life…I write to you the same I answered Rafael, I got 7 different profiles around internet (Google +, Xtube, Twitter, Facebook, WordPress and others) they are always quite busy + my work job life everyday, it is not possible to replay every message, that why I use the blog to post different things about my personal life, to answer most what my follower ask me in private or open messages …anyways be free to keep following me!
        Peto Coast

      • petocoastxxx

        It is quite hard answer everyone who send me messages all over my different social midia profiles and blog.
        I try my best to have everyone replied, be free to follow my blog!

        have a good day

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