Christmas Day in Berlin

Christmas Day in Berlin

I want to share with all my fans & followers that I move back to live in Berlin, and I am very excited with my company & projects, I already done a lot but still loads of things to get done, now in Germany I will be working in a different movies production with new actors to act with me and to act for my website, Berlin make me fell so fucking well ! )

Today in the afternoon I was out for a walk with Casper (my french bull dog) we found a very nice place to have some Chai Latte it calls Mama Cucuma – Zossener Street, the day was rainy but casper was very warm in his vest for our long cruising city walk

Tomorrow I will be moving in to my new house in Berlin, very cool place soon I will show to you all, I have a early morning meeting with a porn producer from Australia, let’s see what’s is the project. I will keep on my blog all the news from Berlin.

Peto Coast XXX

Aggressive Fucker


  1. Rafael

    Hope you are happy in Berlin for your new life and projects in that city. Be sure I will keep following you on your productions, website or whatever you do. Wishing success to you in 2012. Your horny fan, Rafa.

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