Guys, would I look good on this TUX?

Hey Everyone

I just saw this TUX on Zara display yesterday around Paris, and I quite like it…. Do you think could look good on this kind of look?

Smart – Clever like ….Would be nice to hear what you all think about it!

Au revoir

Peto Coast

Aggressive Fucker



  1. Ciaran

    Peto … To be honest you would look good in anything, but I would actually dig this look for you 🙂 I not a huge fan of bow ties, so you could get rid of that, but two thumbs up for the rest (including the retro glasses.. There is something about geek chic!)

    So sorry to hear about the car crash. Cars can always be fixed so I’m glad you are ok 🙂 treat yourself to some more patisserie! The sugar rush will help you cope!!! 🙂

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