In Paris After crack 2 bottoms – some bastard crush in to my car

Hey Everyone

I am having a very good weekend in Paris of course, I have able any frenchy bottom what I want to be with. That’s good and I really enjoy.

Yesterday after a very fun/horny night with two bottoms going back to Place D’ Italie an idiot who has no idea about to drive crush in to my car (it is no hard at all french/ Parisian people are well know for bad driving), I got very piss about it and the guy had no insurance what is forbidden of course in EU he ran way cause I was calling the cops to come over, I had to go to cop station where they didnt speak any English of course you are in Paris, they dont know what is english, but anyways after couple of hours in the cop station trying to report I finally got report from the accident.(pain in the ass over 3 hours to get that and to make the FRENCH COPS understand such simple thing).

Well got home very tired of all the sex party and also from the car crush!

I am in bed with Casper we just had some croissant &  sharing with you all my personal life things.

Still love Paris, anyways!

Peto Coast

Aggressive Fucker





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