Hey Peto

    I was in holidays in berlin in May 2010. I will get back this year probably in May June.

    I need a tourist guide. Will you be there in May June .

    I except a answer from you and not only a smile

    Kiss Kiss

    David from FRANCE

    • petocoastxxx


      Well you kind Know Berlin already if you had been here, so it is not a big mystery where are the gay areas and cruising probably you had been there, about TOURIST GUIDE there so many different places/agencies where you can hire one to take you around and show you things David…In my blog I never sad that I would do anyone a guide tour 🙂
      Just a reminder I am an Porn Actor & Model sometimes but never a Touristic Guide :).

      Peto Coast from BERLIN

      • DURAND


        Of course i know BERLIN the “TIERGARTEN” ..the appolo sauna the “marchenbrunen”.but also charlottenburg, pergamonmuseum,fernsehenturm…
        My question was if at all hazards you will be in berlin in may juin or are you in berlin for only few months ?

        Have a nice day
        David from france

  2. Jorge

    Hey, happy new year to you too, I know this will also be your year, you have a lot of us to follow you and support you.

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