Yesterday First Snow Day in Berlin

Hey Everyone

Sharing one more post with you all about Berlin, today was the first snow day very soft but already fell the cold and I am sure will get worse and worse this next weeks I am f* sure, but the good part we are almost in the middle of january and nowhere really got snow even around Europe…well…weird freak weather times, I am so use to this time of the year have over a meter of snow in Berlin and around Germany.

This week just taking care of my website and also looking for some Country Western Look for Mucassassina Party in Rome, this will be my first time in Rome not in Italy, so very exciting to see the old Empire City, so many friends say that can be beautiful than Paris, lets see if Rome beat Paris!

Who prefer Rome X Paris?


Sleep Well cause I am going early to the bed tonight.

Peto Coast XXX

Aggressive Fucker

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  1. slive

    Hello Peto,
    You know, I am French and of course I think that Paris is a very beautiful city. But, Rome is absolutely marvellous : let’s enjoy Rome !
    Tot ziens !

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