Snowing outside

Sorry for the delay again, but had big problems with the Internet in Germany! This is the 3de company I try to connect to! At the moment I go to a cafe with wi-fi API could post and work on line!
Just went out for a walk with my dog and directly when I steps outside my nose is freezing! -10 c at the moment! Even my dog Casper does not want to do his thing now! Anyway I’m off to bed and start tomorrow to hunt for houses! At the moment I’m renting a small place!

Big guys need big living spaces! Otherwise I get claustrophobic!

That’s why Amsterdam is not my city to live! I’ll let you know about the changes!

Cheers and sleep well,








  1. Richard

    Hello Peto

    Saw some of your films, WOW loved them! Also found you on YouTube… look forward to your own website… people uploading other people’s films to tube sites can be a problem, wondered if a fair way to reduce this would be by having a website where the customer pays a monthly fee for membership to stream (Flash/Silverlight??) unlimited films and then also has the option to buy HD downloads to keep for a set fee, e.g. around 4 Euros??? Also ‘CFSelect’ films purchased are ‘personalised copies’, not sure how that works, maybe some code can be traced to each download?

    You look like a lovely tall boy, love your legs, you look great rear view! šŸ˜‰ Saw one of your gym vids, I recommend kettlebells, Dave Randolph has some good books, Pavel Tsatsouline has some good dvds, a good place to start is I like body weight exercise too, anyway blah blah blah…

    Kisses and best wishes!

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