Crazy buy

Hello every one,

Today I had a crazy idea to buy me a bookshelf for my new house! At Ikea I found in the sale’s corner a green one! But of course I have to take it with me, so I thought that my cult little Panda have the power to carry it! And also I really don’t live far from Ikea. And I made it! Not the easiest way to do it, but it worked! I don’t spent time put it together also (not difficult anyway), and save some money…..

Thought it would be funny to share my adventures with you all! LOL

Cheers, Peto





  1. Thomas

    Don’t you feel like your life was a sitcom when you did the travel from ikea to your place ? haha

    I’m falling in love with you more and more everyday Peto 😉

  2. Joshkun

    Is it legal to do it in Germany? 🙂 You are funny, Peto. It’s almost like a comedy sketch!

    Besides, I had asked you about the black&white video of you performing on stage with some rappers. Will you tell me where it was shot and if I can get the whole video?

    Many thanks.

  3. Richard

    How can YOU fit in that car?? hehehhe.

    I’m having a ‘shower and tank’ watching you with Eric in Berlin! Hehehehheheh!!!

    Look forward to seeing your own website.


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