Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe

The memorial was very nice to see again! Today a good friend of mine arrived from Sao Paulo. He is a very good camera men and make good fashion photos! We will work soon on a lot of new Peto Coast video’s…
Anyway, I’m much better today…

See you soon and cheers,







    • Jeronimo

      Hola Rafa, sorry to bother you but I read you post frequently and I’d like to say hello to you, I also love Peto’s movies and I am from Mexico I think so do you. Cheers

  1. JImmVenice

    HI! Mr.Peto . Recently I finished a report in my country about you! I did a plenty of research job on the internet and It”s really made me become one of your follower gradually. e…I just want to say hi to u

    PS. Forgive my terrible English if I type something errors!!

  2. Chris Cory

    If only the Jews now occupying Palestine would memorialize the million plus Native Palestinian men, women & children who were murdered, robbed, raped and forcibly removed from their family homes & businesses on their ancestral lands circa 1948 by the Jews who had NOT been murdered in Europe but thought it OK to “return to their Holy Land” by displacing the families who already were living there…not to mention the countless modern-day Palestinians who live under an Apartheid regime under military occupation. .Six (6) million Jews were murdered by the Nazis in the Holocaust. Then One (1) million Palestinians were displaced in the Nakba BY the surviving Jews, who have been practicing unethical ethnic discrimination (as well as attempted cleansing). As far as “genocides” go, one is not more or less devastating than any other. The Turks murdered one million Armenians. The Americans murdered and displaced tens of millions of Native tribes, as well as enslaving more than ten (10) million Africans (costing innumerable lives in the process). The problem is that Israel and the Jews refuse to acknowledge their own guilt or make any reparations (just as Turkey continues to deny the Armenian Genocide). America has only recently begun to make SOME efforts towards its disenfranchised millions. Meanwhile, the British & Spanish nations virtually ignore the legions of Mayans, Mesoamericans, Carribbean,, Africans, Indians, Australian Aborigines etc. who have suffered and/or died under their tyrannical rules. ALL SHALL BE REMEMBERED BY THE CREATOR and memorialized for eternity….Selah!

    • Jeronimo

      Totally agree with you, I just disagree with the Armenian genocide, if we were to be too precise, it was committed by the Ottomans, nowadays the Turks. They said that also a lot of Ottomans were killed by the Armenians.

  3. Marius

    I visited that last year. It’s quite scary as you go down to the center, you feel some pressure on your shoulders (at least for me).

    You should go to the philharmonic tomorrow, Thielemann is conducting.

    Have a nice weekend.


    Hey Peto

    I told you, you are a good touristic guide not only a model!
    I did not know this park ” treptowerpark ” : i like it

    Make you a big kiss (Mister Jacques CHIRAC)

    David From Paris france

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