Hello blog followers,
Just packed my stuff for Paris and checking the weather on my phone! And got good weather tomorrow! That going to be a good moment to get a tan! I’ll put my swimming shorts on for in the park!

I’ll blog again tomorrow when I’m done driving all day!

Cheers, Peto



  1. Joshkun

    Hey Peto,
    Are you sure, it’ll be a sunny day in Paris tomorrow? It reads 15 degrees and cloudy on your phone. I’m sorry if I spoiled it for you.
    Besides, it would be wonderful to see you in speedos, too. Woof!

    • Joshkun

      Regardless of the weather forecast, I hope the sun shines for you in Paris, Peto.
      Have a good weekend.

  2. Thomas

    Do i look too much like a stalker if i spend my day in Paris parks to see you in speedos ?

    And btw, i’m parisian and the weather was not that good today, don’t catch a cold !
    Glad you’re back on your blog ! 🙂

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