Busy day today!


Hello blog followers,

Today, will be a busy day!

I started my day very urly! 5.30am in the morning and wait at the “Ausländer Behörde” now still waiting for 2,5 hours and still spoken to anyone! After that to the city department to get a pink paper for my new job! I’ll be working at a store in the center of Berlin! Almost was starting to work at Starbucks, but for that job I had to wait 2 months. Bit silly that they told me that after my “test day” (that’s normal on germany to do that before you got hired). Now I start Tuesday working in a shop with only funny things! See under http://www.dom-ck.com. I use to work for them a long time ago, back in Amsterdam! Have cool, hot and nice colleges! And working there is really nice! Better than my old job, working at the office or delivering post!

Later today I have to go to my health insurance to tell about my new job and go to city department for a special pink paper,with my tax number and adress written on it! Germany loves all paperwork in 3 times printed! Just make people crazy!

Also I have a casting at 12.30 for a Australian art film, where I have to play a rough, tall, masculine, evil face, European that haves a crush on a boy! Let’s see how I will do…. Think that would be fun!

It’s now just before 9 am and still waiting! Hope the rest of the day will we faster!

For now ciao, ciao!
And thank you all for following me and read my blog!

Cheers Peto



  1. pelleas

    My god, with those eyes they shouldn’t make you wait …. so long :P. I’m happy for your new job and good luck with the paperwork.

  2. cafebeatnik

    first time writing here, just to wish you luck on your job.

    if you were here in brazil, I definitely would try to find a reason and visit you at your work – and maybe flirt with you, god of war. 😉

  3. dan brown

    Good luck dude on the new job, are you still looking for models for film work? could i mail you ask for some info on how to break into porn? thanks, dan, a fan x

  4. Barton (Tone)

    J’espère que le bureau d’étrangers n’a pas pris toute la journée!
    How was the audition???

  5. Rafael Afonso Martinez

    Good luck on your new job. It is nice you have fun at work, as well good colleagues. That makes things much better. Rafa.

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