Good morning Berlin

Hey every,

Today I’m in a very good mood! It’s nice to be back in the store and be under the people!
Before I was working at the office taking calls and took care of all the paperwork! Had to sit all day inside! Now I (try) to take my dog to work! He is a crazy french bulldog, that loves to play and is curious about everyting that moves or/and makes noise! Let’s see if it works today! Otherwise I have to take some dog lessons for me and Casper Banana

that’s his name, becourse he loves banana!

and learn how to behave in a store,….and in a store,…. and in a park, basically everywhere …. I think it will work….

Now I’m already early awake becourse I have to pick up a pink paper

in Germany all paperwork 3 times checked

for to be able to start working! I’m at city department Schöneberg, where President JFK Kennedy say in the 60ties the famous words; ” I am a Berliner”! Inside the place looks very old with the havy dark/orange brown stone decoration and the light beige marmer floors! Also those scary heads sticking out of the wall! Not a nice place to be when you just wake up!

At least in 45 min before the doors open, so im first!! Than go out with Casper ( routine ) and gave a yogurt before I go to work! But today I have to bring Caspers siting bag with me! Becourse that’s his little place where he feels save!

So, almost time and done have to run again in the rain today! But thumbs up… Friday will be 30 degrees! Summer is coming! 🙂

But wait… Just found out that they don’t make those papers anymore, sinds last year! They have a financial department now! Grrrrrr! Have to drive to the other side of Schöneberg ! I was waiting for nothing.. Ahhh! Hope I don’t have to wait to long!

I have luck today! No one there..! Now the sun pls!!

Thanks for reading and ciao, ciao!

Cheers, Peto







  1. dan brown

    pink papers, green papers, white paper! dude, i was going to move to germany myself but it was a pain in the ass! (i don’t mean in a good way!).
    So i moved to belgium, I’m sure you know it well, I’m in antwerp, but now I’m moving to holland (rotterdam) and looking forward, it seems so easy!
    Good luck with your new job, i remember doing sales myself and met lots of guys that way, lekker lekker.
    Thanks for getting back to my comment the other day (i asked about breaking into porn) i will send you a mail with all my details.
    Glad to see you smile xxx

  2. Thomas

    I’m glad you’re living your ‘”after sex” love, now i can really fanatsize about running on you in the streets and have a great love story ! héhé

    And by the way your smile is perfect on this picture !
    Have a nice week.

  3. Rafael Afonso Martinez

    I imagine Casper Banana with you and eating bananas… it seems very funny. I always imagine scenes with gods. I love them, despite I cannot have one for the time being. Perhaps one day. Rafa.

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