Summer in Berlin

Hey everyone,

Today i have a day off of all the tings around me! Just sitting here in the sun and having a Chai latte and thinking about what to write! Things getting on track again! I’m working a lot in the store and with film! Just got some videos made, but not enough to start the website! Going to London next week ti film for Treasure Island Media! Its al easy this time but a lot of work when I’m there! Just getting already offers to meet them in London! To be clear…. I’ll be filming everyday a seen, so no time for private dates!….

Im going and walk around in Berlin! its so nice today!

Summer is there!

Cheers, Peto Coast


  1. Thunder Global

    Enjoy this day!
    Happy to see you in good mood and happy to know that you are filming again! Hope to see you soon… in this movie! Bye

  2. Ken

    Its summer here in Nebraska as well…beautiful out and heading to go lay in the hammock. Wish you were here to keep company. Enjoy your day off.

    : )

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