Busy, busy and again busy

Hey followers,

This month I’ll be traveling a lot! London, Rome and maybe Zurich! First London for treasure island media! Than live show in Rome and a live show in Zurich at a new party! I’m looking forward to that!
Also I’m starting to write a collum about Berlin lifestyle and fashion!! A bit different thing what I normaly write about, but I like it!

I’m going to eat some breakfast and do some sports! Have to look good in the next days!

Cheers, and see you soon!



  1. alessandro

    Peto hello I’m your Italian fan of Rome. I read that you will return to the screen so Hard? Today in Rome it’s raining and cold! how sad! Alessandro:) kiss

  2. David

    Peto- I love reading about your life. I hope you’re not too discouraged about your asshole boss from that job, sounds like you’re getting right back into the swing of things. I’m so envious of all of your travels to wonderful places. Please come to LA soon haha xo

  3. Thunder Global

    Happy to see you in good mood!
    Hope to see you soon (in a movie or in a show!)
    Have a good day!

  4. Rafael Afonso Martinez

    Nice to hear about your plans this month. I am happy you share that with us. Also nice to see how much happy you are with those trips… enjoy! A shame who doesn’t deserve you at work and I hope you forget that. When are you coming to Brazil? You have a lot of fans here (including me, of course:)). Rafa.

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