Arriving in London (video)


More to come in the next days!

Cheers, Peto


  1. Rafael Afonso Martinez

    Cute and sexy as usual. I missed your videos here. Enjoy Londos and the films you will make. Rafa:)

  2. adabakenbrada

    hope you’ll be doing some outside filmshoots at Hampstead Heath, my fav haunt in London next to some clubs around Vauxhall, Eastend, and some smelly attics and cellars in south London, sure feel like a bikeride there again, but S.F an L.A. are on the agenda this year; plenty of TIM, ToF and Instigator friends to meet up again there.

  3. N London

    I CAN’T BELIEVE I MISSED YOU!! I was just around the corner doing some shopping while you were strutting up The Mall! Have a wicked time in London…shame the weather didn’t stay nice…but it is England after all!! X

  4. west van der veen

    Not sure how I missed you, but I just saw my first video with your couple weeks ago and I am addicted to you. You clearly know what you’re doing! I would love to have the Peto experience. Keep up the amazing job.

  5. ricardopcalixto

    Boa sorte, Peto!
    Good luck, Peto!
    Como todo ser humano, vc tem suas lutas, derrotas e conquistas. Abraços!
    Like every human being, you have their struggles, defeats and victories. Hugs!

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