MF live! NCY

 Hello everyone Blogging and followers,

This is the add on the website of! Ill be there!! Just the small Info about whats going to happen on the night it self! Ill be reporting how the night was of course!! It will be a fun night! Will be a lot of fun!! 🙂

Hope to see ya there!!

Cheers Peto Coast


Cum and join the Machofucker-Experience for the first time ever. The party takes place in a luxurious penthouse Duplex in Manhattan. Get down and dirty in a huge, open, dimly-lit setting. This party is calling for all those sexy, uninhibited lovers of INTERRACIAL sex.

Must be 21 years or older. All races are welcome. The door will be selective. Be slim, athletic, muscular or at least in shape.

Date: Thursday, July 26th 2012

Un-dress code: Any kind of enticing underwear, shoes and/or socks.

Opening hours: 9 pm – 3 am

Entrance fee: $ 30 at the door (CASH ONLY!) **

**Included is one free soft drink and a free MACHOFUCKER DVD. Coat check is free, but a tip for the boy always welcome. Two Live Acts (one of them Latino superstar ANTONIO BIAGGI) will heat you up even more. At the bar several soft drinks are available (CASH ONLY!).Lube, condoms and paper towels are provided. A massage service will be available, given by Mr. Corey Corey. (See link below)

Please send your request for detailed info on party location and how to get there to:



  1. Joshkun

    Wow, sounds amazing! Wish I was there, too.
    Look forward to hearing from you on this (and seeing some photos, hopefully) 🙂
    Have loads of fun!

  2. E

    Hello Peto , goede avond
    hope all is well with you, and what great news to see you coming to NYC.
    Any chance one can see more of you , either before after etc the event ?
    Ik zou je maar al te graag ontmoeten en messchien wel meer als je zin hebt.
    Echt een geile het kerel hoor. Groeten uit New York, bye the way t’is enorm heet hier en weiniger is meer met de kleding. Alleen vandaag om de 35 + hier.

  3. David

    *sigh* wish I was in NY for this 😦 If it ever comes to the UK that would be great. Do you also do private personal shows? When you next come to the UK I would love to know.

  4. Rafael Afonso Martinez

    It would be amazing to be in NYC to watch the show and especially YOU! Who knows in another time:( Rafa.

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