Starbucks stop before flying to LA


Hello followers,

The last days I wasn’t able to write to you all because the Internet connection was really bad! And now I run out of my apartment, because my college porn actors are still playing….. I was just tired of all the sex I had! Also the weather was to warm and sticky! Just walk 2 steps and I was sweating already!

Now I’m sitting in Starbucks around the corner of Times Square and having my chai latte to start the day! It’s almost 9 am here and i’m still not awake! Later I’ll take a bus to the airport and fly to LA for some sun and some movies! All very exciting

When I’m in California I’ll be more relaxed and will write a bit more about my USA trip!

For now, thanks for following and

cheers, Peto Coast!



  1. Daniel

    Peto, I wish I was able to be in LA maybe bumping into you. I’m sure every one has the same wish. Anyway, have a nice time there and have a safe trip back home. Hope to catch one of your shows sometime soon.

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