Sex symbol

Don’t treat me like a sex symbol. Just accept me for how I am! Now open your ass!


  1. Dexx Murphy

    I would be more than willing to open up to you Mr. Coast. You just give the word and I would open up and take it all. I fucking love the way you dominate when you pound ass. I love the snarl in your lips and the way you climb up the back sides of your bottoms until they are completely split open by your perfect cock. I want my ass to be present high in the air for you to split in half. I want my hole destroyed by you as you tell me to take it! And finally when you are done with me, I want to feel your gush flood me like you would a woman’s pussy Fill me up Peto!

  2. arabrebeu

    Hey Peto! Just saw your latest video with Anzar (Citebeur) at Ericvideos. Wow! You pounded Anzar bareback was just amazing! Any chance if you’d do a scene with another Arab stud – Jawel? Bareback of course.

    • James

      your fuckin video everyone want to suck my cock hot as fuck man my throb was aching my balls were fuckin full as jocked balls on a toilet just waiting to beat the fuck out of it!!!! total nasty filthy dog here Pete!!!

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