How to call your penis

Yesterday I was talking with friends about sex I general and we ended talking about giving your penis a name. I never did that. Does anybody of you guys do that? Shall I give mine the name Napoleon? Like at he is small but brave! Or Alexander the Great, but is not the biggest in the world. Anyway what do you give your dick for the name and how shall I call mine?


  1. actiskin

    Hi Peto!

    I never gived a name to my dick, but everythime that I think about yours…always it cames a name to my mind:


    That’s more than enough to know exactly what I’m thinking about, because I realised that “THE” it means your cock is the real one…and “THING” because it has its own live, as you writed sometime here!

    I hope you liked the way I always called your big dick…cheers!

  2. Mikael Johansson

    Hi Peto

    Awful weather in Stockholm Sweden but try to keep it hot in bed ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Never named my cock vut yours is a Joy to the world! You never have answered about been in Scandinawia in of course Stockholm

    Love Mike the handyman

  3. Kurtofsky

    Hi there Peto!

    Naming your penis is bug amongst my friends. i named mine Maximilian. I think a great name for your penis is Seymour. Because when he is happy, you get to “see more”, A LOT MORE! =) I hope this helps!

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