In Miami


This morning I woke up, still a bit tired after a busy night and driving before from Tampa to Miami Beach. So a big breakfast is doing good to me.
At that moment I realize that I’m much better handling the traveling than I thought I would be. Of course, I have my own little apartment. But I’m not much there now. That is a good thing! I’m meeting new people and new opportunities, along with my journey across the states.
I’m now getting a tan in Miami beach and work on my new concept for this year! And my new haircut and color are/ helping me a lot!
Thank you all my blog followers and fans out there to support me and get inspired to get this far. Without you all, I could not get this far!

But now I go out and “play” with the boys in Miami. Can take my eyes of those bubble ass.

For now, Cheers and write you soon again!

Peto Coast


  1. Michael

    you should come up to Orlando for some fun and visit my bubble ass, oops I mean theme parks hehehe…it’s very friendly, warm, tight & inviting 😉

  2. Lex

    Your new look suits you extremely fine. I get a hard-on just looking at it. When your 2013 concept will be as great as your looks, I sure would wanna experience it.
    Have a great time in Miami!
    Your admirer Lex from Holland

  3. Anaas

    Hey Peto ! I love your new look, you are freakin hot with this hair color !
    When are you going to visit us in Paris ? I’m one of your biggest french fans :p

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