Dark Alley filmshoot in San Fransisco (video)

Check out this video I shoot just after filming with Nick Moretti In San Francisco. Nick is the director, cameraman, and editor of this shoot! It’s the 3rd time I work with him. He makes filming very interesting and I love working with him, because of that.

Blue Bailey is my colleague for the shoot. Had a really good time with him and I bang him so hard that the metal chair I was fucking him on was falling apart. But he handles it really good! Very impressed by him. We will meet again soon Mr. Blue…

Stay tuned for more videos in the future.  I’m currently getting ready to launch my productions studio with Scott Sewperman. His personal website is: allamericanjockboy.com

Cheers Peto Coast


  1. subpupma

    nice to hear you are working with Nick he is great and I am sure this will be a great film to see. i love when you really pound a bottom. Good luck in your future in production work

  2. Mikael Fagerang "superass"

    Peto my manB-) now your number one fan is back. Hot about your new movie. Summer is hot in Stockholm Sweden so why not make a visit! I am very friendly to old/new friends /Mike;-)

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