About Peto Coast Agressive Fucker

Hello there,


Here some info about me;

I am originally from Netherlands – Middelburg, born in 1983 – height 1.91 cm weight 85 kgs cock 24 cm 9,5 inches –

Before I start acting in the Porn Industry, I was working in the Fashion industry and also had a short modeling career.

In the beginning of 2007, I start my first BIG movie as a Porn Actor. Have done a lot of filming with important Porn Producers around Europe. But my big break was with Cazzo Film and Macho Fuckers in Europe. In the US I get more known with Treasure Island Media. I had the opportunity to fuck so many different hot hole bottoms around the world.

Now I am starting with new Projects. Of course, I’ll keep you posted on WordPress, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and on Vine.


Here my Videography:


2007 Freaks 4 / Würstfilm
2007 Deep / Cazzo Films
2007 OpenSeason / Würstfilm
2008 At Work / Berlinstar film
2008 Ass Stretcher 4 / Treasure Island Media
2008 Dirty Raw Whores / Prime Pork
2008 Notgeil / Cazzo Films / Damien
2008 Pizza Cazzone / Cazzo / Sex pig #1
2009 Ass Stretcher 6 / Treasure Island Media
2009 Freaks 5: Freaks in Concert / Würstfilm (Dark Alley Media)
2009 Kings Of Piss 2 / Jalif studios
2009 Dirty Raw Whores / Dark Alley Media
2009 No Mercy 2 / Machofuckers (Planta Rosa Production)
2009 Fuck Break / Cazzo Films
2009 Sommerloch: Country Cocks / Cazzo Films
2009 Street Kings / Dark Alley Media
2009 Perverts 2 / Würstfim
2009 Rush Hour / Spritzz
2010 Dark Cruising # 3 / Citebeur
2010 Fist And Fuck: A Hardcore Collection / Dark Alley Media
2010 Hung Berliners / Guy Hunter
2010 Raw Perverts # 2 / Würstfilm
2010 Liam Cole’s Wild Breed / Treasure Island Media
2010 No Mercy 3 / Machofuckers (Planta Rosa Production)
2010 U-Bahn Fister / Würstfilm
2010 Liam Cole’s Full Tilt / Treasure Island Media
2011 XXL Bareback Machos / Bareback Bastards
2011 Urine Fist Fest / Lucas Entertainment
2011 Bareback gut fuckers / Dark Alley Media
2011 Eric’s raw fuck tapes #3 / Treasure Island Media
2011 In the flesh / Treasure Island Media
2011 Grunts of Paris 2 / French Connection
2011 XL Cocks Fuck Deeper / Slut Machine
2011 Hole Wrecker / Machofuckers (Planta Rosa Production)
2011 Machofuckers 3 / Machofuckers (Planta Rosa Production)
2012 Machofuckers at work / Machofuckers (Planta Rosa Production)
2012 Fuck volume 3 / Treasure Island Media
2012 Fuck volume 4 / Treasure Island Media
2012 Eric’s raw fuck tapes #5 / Treasure Island Media
2012 Eric’s raw fuck tapes #4 / Treasure Island Media
2012 Lascars en force / Citebeur
2013 Cum whore / Treasure Island Media
2013 Impaled #1 / Machofuckers (Planta Rosa Production)
2013 100% Wesh / JNRC America
2013 Cheap Thrills Volume 4 / Treasure Island Media
2013 Eat Pray Load / Raw Fuck Club
2013 Hole Wrecker #1 /  Machofuckers (Planta Rosa Production)
2013 Cum Dumpster /  Machofuckers (Planta Rosa Production)
2013 Sneaker Freax # 4 / Spritzz
2013 Sneaker Freax # 5 / Spritzz
2013 Suck it / Treasure Island Media
2013 Liam Cole’s Overload / Treasure Island Media
2013 Ass Stretcher # 4 – 6  / Treasure Island Media
2014 Stick it, fuck it, leave it / Treasure Island Media
2014 Turnt Up / Dark Alley Media (Staxus)
2014 Ram it raw 2 / Butch Dixon
2014 Cock Hungry Chavs / Fucked
2014 Super Bum Love / Dark Alley Media
2014 Hard Cuts 1 / Treasure Island


Acting non-porno acting:

2012 Porn Peto meets the House of Galore (Documentary short) / Rosa von Praunheim

2012 Rosa’s Welt – 70 Neue Filme von Rosa von Praunheim (TV Movie documentary) / Rosa von Praunheim







  1. Jeffrey Martin

    Hello Peto:
    I just saw you in Liam Cole’s Full Tilt. I think you are my favorite porn performer. I read you weblog from Berlin. Lucky you! Berlin is my favorite city in Europe. Keep making movies and you are beautiful. Give Caspar Banana a hug from me.

    Best Regards,
    Jeffrey in USA

  2. David

    I just love you Peto!! you are the perfect Boyfriend! We all guys need a boyfriend like you!!!!! A real top agressive macho fucker!!!! I’d like to have the chance to meet you!!!

  3. Joey

    Peto…I want so bad to be fucked by you on film in gear….You are the hottest top ever…and I want you to breed me stud….YOu coming back to the USA? Ill hire you anytime stud. Also if you beed a place to stay in palm springs…it would be my pleasure to host u. gearjockdc on xtube has a vid of me…

  4. john

    peto come to las vegas, nevada for gayday fun week day and las vegas gay pride 2012 too. hope to meet you there. i am sure it be fun around.

  5. peacevan

    hi peto,
    you are the hottest man i’ve ever seen, i hope you can come to me this night because i am always alone 😦

    greetings from germany

  6. adam

    Was driving through the middle of nowhere louisiana with my boyfriend and we thought of you. THanks for the fantasies….Peto’s Auto Shop = could be a new flick to feature you!

  7. Mec Chocolat

    Hi Peto,
    So what’s going on with you and social media? I don’t (well WE don’t) know what’s happening. Have you finally dealt with this hacking problem? Are you still in control of your WORDPRESS Blog? Twitter @PetoCoastXXX? Facebook? I’m one of your fans from Montreal. I share my loves and lusts of guys especially Peto Coast at Blog du Mec Chocolat — mecchocolat.com. Please check it out – especially mecchocolat.com/superfecta. You never show your butt or feet/soles on camera and would love to see more. And please keep us (me) updated on what’s happening with your social media accounts. No point contacting you if it isn’t you.

  8. Darragh - the irish red head

    Just had to say….I wish I could get properly fucked by you…and then tag team another guy with you…just can’t find a proper aggressive top in london…if your ever visiting….

  9. T-Dogg

    Hey Peto !!! You said you´re bisexual… So..are there any porn movies where you are fucking a girl ?! ^^ I´d love to see this !!! : )

  10. tunji fanika

    Peto you are the hottest top i have ever seen in this world. i have seen almost all of ur film collections. My day is not complete without watching one of ur scenes. I wish i could meet you one day so that u can fuck the hell out of me. Am a great fan of urs. I love u Peto.

  11. Paul

    Hi Peto, i am very interested in becoming actor in one of ur vids. If there is any chance, i would be happy to receive an answer! 🙂 greetings from Germany!

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