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Dquared2 fashion show; boys on platform shoes!?

As I was surfing the internet, nosing around in the world for fashion. Came across a Fashion statement that I have to take in; we going to mix up plates disco boots with bleached skinhead jeans. I see already the macho girls and lesbian already walking in the Belgium cobblestone streets of your nearby gay ghetto.

I’m not ready for the next trend! Are you?

Merry Christmas my followers!

I wish for all my followers to enjoy the Christmas time and to be with friends and family. Have a great time!

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Cheers Peto Coast

Photo’s by: Ulfar Logo



Do you miss Kate Bush from the 80’s? And are you over Lady Gaga? When I got the right mix!
A new sound that takes you on a trip, even when I don’t always hear what she is singing (and yes, it’s all English).

This Swedish electronic music group is not a newcomer. But just discovered (for me at least) another Lady Gaga. Of course, we had some Gaga’s in the past like Grace Jones or Roisin Murphy from Moloko. But this one is a bit more gaga, and crazy. Not only by the outfits but also by behavior.  
In the beginning of her career, she did not even tell her name and gave answers as she is from another planet. So, I will tell you how she is then: her name is Jonna Lee and she is the lead singer and songwriter of the band.

Her sound can be described as a very electronic innovating sound, a bit of a blast from the past, 80’s influence but at the same time she’s very new and refreshing. I would put it in my collection that includes Jamiroquai, Sade and now Iamamiwhoami that I find perfect for long journeys in my car, it just keeps me going, the music keeps me relaxed and concentrated. Definitely a must have for your car-collection.

iamamiwhoami+kool_PNG iamamiwhoami+++b+png iamamiwhoami

In a real Youtube Music video series called “Kin” and “Bounty” she tells a story that is sometimes a bit confusing, but very artistically presented in a recycling/eco way! All locations are Scandinavian and with re-used materials. Paper houses, empty bottle suit, concrete sexy costume and a Volvo wrapped in folly are the things you see in the 24 video’s. Volvo and Ikea, both very Swedish products keep making their return in her videos something she loves to promote, Swedish products.
It refreshing to see this, but at the same time I wonder what is she trying to tell us, what’s the message?!
 Do i have to see this as art or is there a deeper meaning in the images she is presenting us. I stopped wondering what it was and just admire the creativity thats been displayed, I simply enjoy it.

Her album Bounty is in my playlist and love closing my eyes and dream away in her world. And when I open my eyes I watch it on youtube again and again. I don’t get bored watching these clips!
Its a shame you don’t have audiovisual videos included when you buy it on iTunes, like the last self-titled album from”BEYONCE”.

I must say in costumes she inspires me a lot. Maybe I should try to make a suit out of longhair Carpet. It looks so freaky and impressive when you move from left to right, just the whole flow of the material is awesome. Anyway… Just check it out for your self..

I give 4 out of 5 stars, because I don’t always hear what she is singing. but the rest is an amazing experience. Real 21st century music that will be timeless in my music collection.


Start listening and watch the videos (links down below) and enjoy this crazy musical ride.





Dark Alley filmshoot in San Fransisco (video)

Check out this video I shoot just after filming with Nick Moretti In San Francisco. Nick is the director, cameraman, and editor of this shoot! It’s the 3rd time I work with him. He makes filming very interesting and I love working with him, because of that.

Blue Bailey is my colleague for the shoot. Had a really good time with him and I bang him so hard that the metal chair I was fucking him on was falling apart. But he handles it really good! Very impressed by him. We will meet again soon Mr. Blue…

Stay tuned for more videos in the future.  I’m currently getting ready to launch my productions studio with Scott Sewperman. His personal website is:

Cheers Peto Coast

motel photoshoot

motel photo shoot

Photoshoot I did last December…..was not even sure if I ever going to see these. Thank you so much, Doug Campbell Photography they are really natural and me. Had a great time with you. are we going to do this soon again…

Cheers Peto

In Miami


This morning I woke up, still a bit tired after a busy night and driving before from Tampa to Miami Beach. So a big breakfast is doing good to me.
At that moment I realize that I’m much better handling the traveling than I thought I would be. Of course, I have my own little apartment. But I’m not much there now. That is a good thing! I’m meeting new people and new opportunities, along with my journey across the states.
I’m now getting a tan in Miami beach and work on my new concept for this year! And my new haircut and color are/ helping me a lot!
Thank you all my blog followers and fans out there to support me and get inspired to get this far. Without you all, I could not get this far!

But now I go out and “play” with the boys in Miami. Can take my eyes of those bubble ass.

For now, Cheers and write you soon again!

Peto Coast