motel photoshoot

motel photo shoot

Photoshoot I did last December…..was not even sure if I ever going to see these. Thank you so much, Doug Campbell Photography they are really natural and me. Had a great time with you. are we going to do this soon again…

Cheers Peto

In Miami


This morning I woke up, still a bit tired after a busy night and driving before from Tampa to Miami Beach. So a big breakfast is doing good to me.
At that moment I realize that I’m much better handling the traveling than I thought I would be. Of course, I have my own little apartment. But I’m not much there now. That is a good thing! I’m meeting new people and new opportunities, along with my journey across the states.
I’m now getting a tan in Miami beach and work on my new concept for this year! And my new haircut and color are/ helping me a lot!
Thank you all my blog followers and fans out there to support me and get inspired to get this far. Without you all, I could not get this far!

But now I go out and “play” with the boys in Miami. Can take my eyes of those bubble ass.

For now, Cheers and write you soon again!

Peto Coast

How to call your penis

Yesterday I was talking with friends about sex I general and we ended talking about giving your penis a name. I never did that. Does anybody of you guys do that? Shall I give mine the name Napoleon? Like at he is small but brave! Or Alexander the Great, but is not the biggest in the world. Anyway what do you give your dick for the name and how shall I call mine?

Train ride Bedtime-story collection (english version)


Train ride




On one of my travels I took the fast train from Paris to Berlin! I know that this trip going to take 9 hours and I have to find a way to keep my horny feeling down for the whole journey. Not sure if I could keep it up that long, but you as reader know, that will not be the case!


The first part was really boring and was very calm! Change train in Mannheim and get in one of the cabins where you can sit with 6 people! It was busy. In the cabin there was an old couple, Asian student and 2 hot German boys! One of the guys ask me where I was from and told me that he was going only for the weekend to Berlin, friends and to his fathers birthday.  The other “friend “ was nicking his head and did not say much! I had the feeling that the boy (20 something, slim, student, nerd) wanted some thing sexual from me! But maybe I was thinking that! But the conversation ended very fast!


After some hours I went to the toilet and the other boy was following me discreetly! We had eye contact and checked out his very nice muscled body! He was bit shorter than me, had black hear, green/brown eyes and an ass that was sticking out! Very yummy! We looked left and right if some one would see us and went into the toilet! It was small but good enough to rip his pants and undress his t-shirt from his body! His smell was amazing, started to lick and sniffing under his arms! Than kissed him so intense and hear him making sound of joy.


 It went all so fast! Before I know it, I was sucking his big fat cock. I had tears in my eyes and know that I could handle a deep thought. But this was even for me too much! He push me off from his dick and he bend over the toilet to fuck him. I could not resist a perfect big man ass like that! I stick it in and slap his ass! Scream at him to open his ass and ask if he like my fucking big cock! Fuck yeah! Spit on his face! Have seen the toilet paper falling on the floor, but did not stop fucking him until he came! On the same moment I shoot on his ass!


We are sweating like a pig. Looked at the mirror to style my hair and clothes a bit normal. I just looked red and made my hair under my cap and went out! Some people where waiting for to get in the toilet. They looked very angry. But I don’t care, even do I was a bit ashamed. It was very hot! Half minute later the guy came into the cabin and act like nothing happened. I was busy on my computer and he with his I-pod.


Than the train arrived 2 hours later in Berlin Hbf. And was very happy to sleep in my own bed again.


Cheers, Peto