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Bedtime stories: Leather is the real feeling.

This story is dedicated to Sam from London and Fred from Paris.

Bedtimestory about Peto Coast

Bedtime story about Peto Coast

The leather is one of the materials that I like! Why? it’s the real deal! You start with the old leather jacket. More masculine you can not be. The weight of it and the crisper of the leather parts rubbing another… It’s the experience! And then there is the smell. Real leather smells so good! An orgasm on its own. And being a car freak the leather seats have that muscle man feeling.

There are 1 or 2 things to know before I tell (write) my bedtime story. First, you have to ask your self if you like the modern motor look or the classic black look. Don’t do it in the name of fashion and try to make a statement. That will never work. It should be timeless and you have to love it, even after 20 years. Because you will have it even after that.

Also important to know, don’t over dress your self. You don’t need to. make a nice set of 3 or 4 pieces maximum of leather clothes so you can show off the nice pieces.  And don’t hang almost nothing (or just nothing)  on your leather pants or chaps. Your poppers holder, Crisco holder, gloves (should be on your hands anyway), changes, dildos, etc..Otherwise you going to look like a drag queen in black. For me at least. Keep the line clean, so you make the best first impression when some one sees you. That is the turn on for me.

Also, don’t mix race moto with classic lines. It just looks weird. Keep it in one direction. We are gay, for god’s sake!!

Bedtimestory about Peto Coast

Bedtime story about Peto Coast

Bedtimestory about Peto Coast

Bedtime story about Peto Coast


So, now you have to think back to me being 21 years old when I was more naive and discovering a new world of leather! At that time I was already bar-tending in the April and Exit Bar in Amsterdam. Also did a Wednesday Night Bingo night as a DJ in the cruising bar “The Web in Amsterdam Center. That was very interesting and new for me. Around that time I got into a different crowd. I remember the excitement of trying out sex in the darkroom and “older” guys in leather Pants and boots. I was loving the whole idea and trying to master a real man! Then there was that one guy I could not get my eyes off. Tall, German looking strong build Mister in his 30ties. He was wearing horse riding boots, or old French police officer boots, with the tight pants with flaps at the sight, like those German 2nd world war (SS’er uniform, sorry to describe it like that) trousers, and on top a shirt in Leather with short arms, like the American police cop. And to finish it of the famous leather cap with fitting police glasses. All in black and mysterious. Could not see his eyes. They were hiding behind the big mirrored Aviator Ray Ban glasses. From that moment I fell in love with the leather look and also the guy! Later, of course, i turned into that guy, funny enough. But I was falling in love with that guy and did every thing in my power to have sex with him! not sure if it was him, the outfit or both! I had to fuck with him.

As I was working behind the turntables in the Leather-bar the Web, I was able to give the guy some free drinks. I followed him when he accepted the beer from the bartender and thank me for a small “cheers” and walked away into the direction of the darkrooms. Those were on the 2 floors upstairs. Lucky I had my DJ buddy “Dicky” with me to help me take over with the music! Me being a desperate 20-year-old running after him and tried to get part of the action. Naive that I was, I was not the only one! I’m looking all over the 2 floors and could not find him. Just walking, and walking and walking for sure 15 a 20 min. Then he was there! In the corner staring at me. Walk over to him and touched his shoulder and feel his upper arm wrapped in leather. He was wearing gloves very tight on his hand. It made noise when he made his hand like a fist. Then he was checking out what I had in my jeans. At that point, I was fully hard.No help needed. One of my wet dreams came out at that moment. He took me in a cabin, or so and start kissing me passionately. I was feeling all that black cowskin against my body. If felt like a second skin of him. so warm and sticky in sort of way. and those gloves touching my hair and face. That was a sensation that I never experienced before in my life! And when he was holding my body and his body smell mixed with that leather was the real deal for me to get high on. The real man feeling! I popped open his shirt (press buttons) and his hairy hot chest came from under there! My eyes went open. Wow, that was the whole deal… His nipples were so right.Easy to play with and while I was doing that he went down on his knees. Pants were open in no time and his mouth was doing all the right thing he needed to do. Some sort of trick he did with his tongue to make it harder not to come. It’s not easy to hold that up!? So to avoid to come in the first 10 minutes I pull him up on his 2 feet and gave him a hard time not to come that fast. Love doing deep-throat on those thick big dicks. He bent half over me, with 2 hands leaning against the wall. And he was moaning from pleasure. When I looked up to him I saw so many eyes looking at us from the people looking over the wall of the cabin. Normally I’m more a private person, but now I really did not care! I came up a gain and check out his bear butt. You know that tight straight hard ass, difficult to get into. A bit of the professional football player ass with a bit of hair on it. Anyway, I start doing my magic and bit by bit start opening his butthole. When I broke into there, I took one of his arms and put it on his back while I was fucking him! Pushed his face against the opposite wall of the cabin and start banging harder and harder. With the other hand, he was stroking his massive tool until he explodes his white load on the black wall. His orgasm was so loud I could hold it up anymore and shoot almost at the same time all over his hairy hills.

Without a word he put him self into his gear and left the cabin! Never saw him ever again after that! Maybe ashamed or just a tourist visiting Amsterdam! Hope I gave him the fantasy he wanted like he did for me! Also, my interest for leather has been created and I’m happy that I translate these things into movies. With the time I got more experienced. When the passion is there, you can take on the world. But please be careful with your sex partner if you do this kind of thing. Do it with respect and care!

Cheers Peto

Bedtimestory about Peto Coast

Bedtime story about Peto Coast

Big Banana (English) The bedroom-story Collection!


Banana fun!


This is a story from already some years ago! Think its funny to tell and show you all how experimental I was with sex!

Must have being around the beginning of my carrier when I starting in the porn industry and starting to discover what boys and girls all are about! What are there sexual G-spots, how sensual the body really is and what makes me hard and what makes them come! All very exciting! A world of new forbidden fruits to taste!


I remember it very well! His name was Pablo, around 23 (same ages as I was), from Brazil or Chile! Don’t remember! Was 1.78 m tall (5,10 inch). Was very compact and well build and had the perfect, masculine, bubble ass with a suntan line! Perfect round and juicy but to play with! And a very tight but hole that I first need to open, before I could use it with my big “tam tam” (other name for dick). I’m other words a dream!

He was in Berlin for some holiday and meets us on the Internet to have a sex date! An hour later he visit me in my house in Schoneberg, where I lived on the 3rd floor in a very common Berliner old building! So there he was in front of me! Looking at me with his puppy eyes, bagging for to be treated rough and hard! As a gentleman I am, I offer him something to drink! He did not wanted anything and directly, he started kissing me! While kissing we went into my big room where I had my (sort of) living room and bedroom! Drag him into my bed, where I ripped of his pans to see that bubble but in real! I started to eat it out and spit a bit on it, before I stick in my long tong in that tight hole! Slowly he relaxed and opened up his ass! In the corner of my eye, notice something.  I saw some bananas in the fruit bull that was presented on the coffee table, across the sofa (where else would it be anyway)! I jump up, directly to the table! Took a banana and went back to the half stript boy, how was undressing im self in the meantime! Dropt my baggy pants down and took off my t-shirt! Just only wearing my white sock! I went on my knies, next to the bed and pull pablo’s legs so that I could eat his ass on the correct hight! First I put the banana with the skin on, in his ass! Very gentale I take I it in and out! And by the look on his face I could tell he liked it! After playing with that, I came up the idea to peel it… So I took of the skin from the banana and stick the complete soft banana up his but and starting eating (literally) the fruit out of his ass! Wow, I can tell you, that he had his time of his life! He had to hold the bed tight! At the same time he was groaning from pleasure! Just working on his but for more than a half hour at least! Of course I feel my jaw and specially my under jaw very wel! So I switch fast over to bang his ass very tight and hard! I was so turn on by it, that my boner was almost bagging to fuck that perfect buttocks! I think my neigbours must have heard us! Was impossible not to hear the bed creaking and pounding against the wall! But I don’t think the really mind! Its not the first time I do this!

After the big explotion all over his face, I put him under the shower and kicked the Latin American boy out the door! And I, like a real men, fall a sleep after sex and dream about the next creative ideas what I could do, private or in films! Have to stay creative when you have sex as your biggest hobby!

This was the only time I used a banana with sex! Maybe I have to try this for a pornfilm! Would be cool I think!



I’m very happy to share these special moment with you all in my blog and from now I’ll try to write every week my experience in my blog! Pls make a comment about it! If I should film it or not!

Just let me know!




Peto Coast

Starbucks stop before flying to LA


Hello followers,

The last days I wasn’t able to write to you all because the Internet connection was really bad! And now I run out of my apartment, because my college porn actors are still playing….. I was just tired of all the sex I had! Also the weather was to warm and sticky! Just walk 2 steps and I was sweating already!

Now I’m sitting in Starbucks around the corner of Times Square and having my chai latte to start the day! It’s almost 9 am here and i’m still not awake! Later I’ll take a bus to the airport and fly to LA for some sun and some movies! All very exciting

When I’m in California I’ll be more relaxed and will write a bit more about my USA trip!

For now, thanks for following and

cheers, Peto Coast!


Psssst, here you can see him!


Just before I go on the plane……..

The photo where you can see him! He is able to sit down normal!!!

See you all in New York City!



My reading material

Almost on the plane! Found some reading material to please me for all senses! Hmmm, what to read first! About cars!? How to get my body better!? I know!!! I’ll please my morning boner, and check some nice ass!

And to the New Yorkers, 14 hours and I’m there!!

Cheers Peto Coast