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Do you miss Kate Bush from the 80’s? And are you over Lady Gaga? When I got the right mix!
A new sound that takes you on a trip, even when I don’t always hear what she is singing (and yes, it’s all English).

This Swedish electronic music group is not a newcomer. But just discovered (for me at least) another Lady Gaga. Of course, we had some Gaga’s in the past like Grace Jones or Roisin Murphy from Moloko. But this one is a bit more gaga, and crazy. Not only by the outfits but also by behavior.  
In the beginning of her career, she did not even tell her name and gave answers as she is from another planet. So, I will tell you how she is then: her name is Jonna Lee and she is the lead singer and songwriter of the band.

Her sound can be described as a very electronic innovating sound, a bit of a blast from the past, 80’s influence but at the same time she’s very new and refreshing. I would put it in my collection that includes Jamiroquai, Sade and now Iamamiwhoami that I find perfect for long journeys in my car, it just keeps me going, the music keeps me relaxed and concentrated. Definitely a must have for your car-collection.

iamamiwhoami+kool_PNG iamamiwhoami+++b+png iamamiwhoami

In a real Youtube Music video series called “Kin” and “Bounty” she tells a story that is sometimes a bit confusing, but very artistically presented in a recycling/eco way! All locations are Scandinavian and with re-used materials. Paper houses, empty bottle suit, concrete sexy costume and a Volvo wrapped in folly are the things you see in the 24 video’s. Volvo and Ikea, both very Swedish products keep making their return in her videos something she loves to promote, Swedish products.
It refreshing to see this, but at the same time I wonder what is she trying to tell us, what’s the message?!
 Do i have to see this as art or is there a deeper meaning in the images she is presenting us. I stopped wondering what it was and just admire the creativity thats been displayed, I simply enjoy it.

Her album Bounty is in my playlist and love closing my eyes and dream away in her world. And when I open my eyes I watch it on youtube again and again. I don’t get bored watching these clips!
Its a shame you don’t have audiovisual videos included when you buy it on iTunes, like the last self-titled album from”BEYONCE”.

I must say in costumes she inspires me a lot. Maybe I should try to make a suit out of longhair Carpet. It looks so freaky and impressive when you move from left to right, just the whole flow of the material is awesome. Anyway… Just check it out for your self..

I give 4 out of 5 stars, because I don’t always hear what she is singing. but the rest is an amazing experience. Real 21st century music that will be timeless in my music collection.


Start listening and watch the videos (links down below) and enjoy this crazy musical ride.







Peto Coast in Beverly Hills (Video)



Just sharing my gym workout….



Hot Dessert (Arde el desierto) Bedtime-story (version en español)

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Esta mañana me desperté muy temprano y me fui a correr, como hago habitualmente que tengo tiempo. Cuando regresé a “All worlds resorts” (el resort gay mas importante de Palm Springs, está totalmente empapado en sudor y sorprendido por el extremo calor que hace en este “llamado” desierto. Cuando entré me dirigí directamente a la habitación pero algo (alguien) captó mi atención.


En la piscina del resort (nudista, por cierto) había un chico rubio, entorno a los 20s, no muy alto pero con un cuerpo que parece ser esculpido para ser penetrado una y otra vez sin parar durante horas. Creo que el chico me reconoció enseguida y me paré a pocos metros de él, me quité la camiseta, luego mis pantalones sudados de deporte y me desnudé ante sus ojos, ya con con mi miembro totalmente erecto. Enseguida se acercó a mi, se puso de rodillas y empezó a mamarme el miembro delante de todos. Yo realmente no soy alquien muy timido (como todos sabeis) pero no me gusta hacer shows “gratuitos” asi que le invité a ir a mi habitación.


Inmediatamente entramos en la habiacion le puse a cuatro patas y empecé a comerle ese maravilloso culo que gritaba mi nombre,  pero todo merece su tiempo y su protocolo. Al rato empecé a penetrarle sin compasión y sin pausa. Su cuerpo musculoso se retorcía de placer cuanto mas y mas agresivo era con el. La combinación de dolor y placer forma parte del sexo mas inolvidable y yo iba a hacer que este chico no se olvidase jamás de quien es Peto Coast.


Varias veces intentó alejarse y escapar de esta inolvidable sesión, pero no lo dejé e incluso seguí penetrándolo cuando nos caimos de la cama y su cara topó con el suelo. Su nariz empezó a sangrar y le dije que parasemos pero él estaba en mitad de su éxtasis y quería mas y mas y mas, asi que así fue y seguí hasta llenarlo de mi leche, que explotó dentro de el como pocas veces lo había hecho antes.


En cuanto terminamos se limpió la sangre pero dejó la leche en su culo. No recuerdo ni su nombre, lo que si recuerdo es que al rato me asomé a la ventana de la habitación (que daba a la piscina) y ahí estaba en la hamaca masturbándose pensando, seguro, en mi.


Peto Coast.

Hot Dessert Bedtime Story Collection (english version)


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This morning I stand up early to do my round of running. And when I came back in the “All World Resorts” (in Palm Spring) I was socking wet! The weather here is so extreme, that you cannot walk to long in the morning sun

Anyway I came back, past by the pool and I saw a young, cute (begin 20ties), short, blond boy with the most perfect chest! I had the eye contact. Checking out his naked body. And starting a conversation about how warm it was. Start at his beautiful light brown eyes and without speaking any other word we kiss. He pushed himself up at the side of the pool and me with one knee down. Than we stop and ask to come out of the water….

Half touching another we went to my room and start ripping of our clothes! There was a trail you could follow all the way to the bed, and we were on it! Started eating his bubble but and push his ass cheeks to the side so that I could get deeper with my tong into his hole! He holds with his both hands the end of the mattress, so I could push even harder and deeper into his hole! Man, he really loved that! Than I came up and slide on his muscled body and lay on top of him! Graphed him with one hand by his blond hair and with the other on his back just above his ass. And than I stick in my very hard dick up is butt. His face was a combination of pleasure and pain. I really fucked the shit out of him! It was almost if he try to get away from me, like a cat putting his nails into the ground!

Than I flip him over on his back and put his legs next to my ears so that I had perfect excess to fuck him even deeper and harder! I was going crazy like an animal, banging that boy until he came. And just seconds after I was also shooting my load over his six-pack abs. just my sperm pump out on the rhythm of my heartbeat. It was just a perfect way to start at 8 AM. A better workout you cannot get!

So we both starting to clean up and picking up his clothes, I ask him what his name was and where he was from! Than he told me that he rather not tells his name and that he needed to go back to his boyfriend or so.. At least I got the change to ask him to take some photos of me…. So he did!

Just before he wanted to leave the door he told me:” If you ever visit Iowa City, Just give me a call” and trough his business card on the nightstand. It said: “The best personal trainer you can find in Iowa City”. That’s something you don’t see every day!

Hope you like it and give me feedback if this was HOT or NOT.

Cheers Peto

Weekend in Palm Springs

Hey guys!

I’m this weekend enjoy the desert on Palm Sprins. An icon place for porn and sex, and yes, I’m ready and hard!!!!!!

Keep your ass lubricated!

Cheers Peto.


On the Hills in sexy LA (video)

Hello Blog followers,


Just a fast video of me on the Hills of LA! Was just finished a meeting and I thought to share that with you all! Its beautiful view from up here! I have a great time in California and cannot take my hands of that perfect ass that I basically find on the streets on Sunset blv. I just keep on going!

Anyway I just decided that ill stay a bit longer and work some things out, including filming….. So it’s late again and I’m off to bed. My balls are hurting a bit!! LOL


Keep your ass lubricated. Cheers and keep on writing me the comments and shares in yours social networks…


Peto Coast

LA traffic jam (video)

Just talking a bit about me and what I do in LA.